Book Review: 1,001 Running Tips by Robbie Britton 

Only a seasoned and accomplished ultra runner could sit down and think, “I’ll write a book of running tips. And I will put more than 1,000 in it!”

But, when you get into reading this excellent offering from Robbie Britton, you realise that it’s his whole rounded position as runner, coach and human that means this isn’t a lazy collection of vignettes to forgot, but rather a really thought-provoking collection of hints, tips and suggestions for runners of all abilities, ages and identities. 

The book itself is broken down into headings that bring relevant tips together, like Training, Skills and Techniques, Kit and Equipment and so on. Then there are sub-headings to drill down further still. 

That makes it easy to reference something relevant to the reader. Then, each tip is no more than a paragraph long but with enough thought having gone into them to make it a worthy addition to the book. 

I expect every word in this smorgasbord has been well thought out. Robbie has talked about seeking input from experts on strength and condition or mentality to ensure that the tips included have credibility. Many of the tips aren’t opinions, they are grounded in research and fact. Like this one below about the chippy in Tyndrum. 

This isn’t a typical lazy linear book detailing the journey of a runner from couch to mega success, it is not one where narrative leads. It is aimed at you, me and anyone else who may throw on a pair of trainers and hit the trails, roads or track. 

You could dip in and out of this book anytime. It will inspire, educate and hopefully improve you as a runner. 

I have tip for you…

Buy this book. Then, with your friends and fellow runners, pick a tip and discuss it. What it means to you? How can it help? What do you take from it? 

Perhaps you can do this on your next social run. Use it as a way to pass the time and also deepen your knowledge on a subject. The more we talk things out, the more we learn after all. Collaboration is a secret sauce for growth. 

Here’s a couple to get your started and when reading the book really resonated with me from the Racing section. I have far too often failed to adhere to both of these and am especially lazy about it in training. A real life example of a couple of tips making me, a relatively experienced runner, pause for thought. 

1,001 Running Tips by Robbie Britton is not your average running book. It can be revisited time and time again, at point of need and even just for in moment inspiration. It will make a great addition to the collection of any runner. 

You can buy direct from the publisher here.


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