James Stewart, ultrarunner

Friday Thoughts

Friday thoughts #1: Goals

Mindset plays a massive part in achieving your running goals. There is no two ways about it.

Friday thoughts #2: Irrelevance is not a bad thing

Time is irrelevant today, boys.

Friday thoughts #3: Adaptable

There are two kinds of setbacks; 1) those we can control and 2) those we can’t. It’s that simple.

Friday thoughts #4: Resilience

Being able to recover from a setback is critical, not just in a race but in your running career.

Friday thoughts #5: Icons

On Croy Hill there is a peak call Mount Cookie. A couple of facts about Mount Cookie, 1) it is not a mountain and 2) it is not named after THE Cookie

Friday thoughts #6: Niggles

Phil Maffetone says a “niggle can be defined as a twinge, ache, a noticeable feeling not quite right”.

Friday thoughts #7: Eating

But the occasional treat is ok, right? I call them almond croissants.

Friday thoughts #8: Positivity

By approaching my experiences with a positive and curious manner, being willing to get it wrong, I grow all the time.

Friday thoughts #9: Pain

It’s at times like these I know that the pain is ephemeral, it is healthy. The trick is knowing just how much stimulus you can handle.

Friday thoughts #10: Positive Disruption

It’s like Johnny Cash singing a Nine Inch Nails song. How can something so wrong end up so right?

Friday thoughts #11: More goals

The thematic goal is the over-riding, top line aim. You can put anything you want in here. It can be for any time period ahead you wish

Friday thoughts #12: Futility

How many times have you skipped a session, didn’t stretch or ate the wrong thing as you got caught in the “futility factor”.

Friday thoughts #13: Racing

Racing is a funny word. What is it? One person’s race is another’s adventure.

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