James Stewart

About James Stewart

Where to start? I am an ultra runner. I guess that is the main purpose of this site. I run for Great Britain (2017, 2018, 2019) in 24 hour racing and Scotland (2016, 2019) over 100k. I also coach with the team over at Pyllon Coaching.

I have a passion for learning and am lucky enough to head up a big team with a big organisation in this industry. Eddie Vedder sang “a mindful of questions and a teacher in my soul” and I like to try to live my life by that sentiment.

This blog and site is all about my passions, loves, running and maybe, just maybe, the odd Sherlock Holmes and music reference.


You’d be forgiven for think that REM wrote their classic hit Everybody Hurts about ultrarunning. I mean, lines like “when the day is long” and the “night is yours alone” reek of 100 mile+ races right? Then there’s the closing refrain: And everybody hurts sometimesSo hold on, hold onHold on, hold on, hold onHold on, […]

Fife Coastal Path

There’s a chill in the air. The wind is coming from the north east. Gloves and arm sleeves are required or it’ll be cold digits and goosebumps ahoy. The only sounds bar our voices is the occasional car or truck, some varied birdsong and the tippy-tappy sound of a handful of blokes jumping up and […]

Be perspective

It is really easy to be dragged down when it comes to your running due to one bastard, evil, ne’er do well. That most heinous of characters. A thing so pervasive and so widespread that its existence cannot be wiped out, so our relationship with it must be managed. Yeah. You got it. Bloody NUMBERS! […]


Here we FKT go again

Races have been in short-supply. And then this past weekend there was two I could have done. The Centurion Track 100 in Kent, which I decided to withdraw from earlier in the year due to uncertainty on travel, lockdown and logistics. And then there was Pyllon Exposure, a devilish virtual race from the creative mind […]

Selfish to be selfless

What if I told you that if you were just that wee bit more selfish it would actually result in you being more generous, more gregarious, well, more selfless. It’s a contradiction right? Like how a minus times a minus results in a positive. How can that be? Go with me on this. It’s a […]

I Quit!

We have all thought it at some point. And I am willing to bet we have all succumbed to it at one time or another. Doesn’t matter whether you are a 2:30 marathoner or a 5 hour marathoner. We have all had that moment when we just can’t face it anymore.

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