Race (run) Report: Fulham Palace parkrun, 7th June 2014


Official time: 18:12
Position: 5th of 150

After a first parkrun in May a window of opportunity opened up for another in London. You see, I was at a stag-do in Battersea and, well, what else would you do on a Saturday morning after being on the road since 4am the previous day, had spent most of said day boffing double gin & tonics in a vainglorious attempt at winning a drinking game, only to come up short against an immaculately coiffured pint drinking machine.

I know, a lung bursting 5k.

Myself, Skoosh, Ryan, Andy, Barry & Ian all stumbled out of bed early to head down to Fulham Palace parkrun, some 2.4 miles from our digs. We got there about 08:45 on a muggy morning. The RD met us when we arrived and asked if any of us would be around 17 mins as we would need to know the course. Our beer burps and guffaws convinced him he needn’t worry about us.

The course is rather simple, nigh-on three loops of the park. It has more twists and turns than Tommy Burns and thus can be a bit awkward. I started on the second row behind an 11 year old girl who bombed off (she’d go on to burst 20 mins) and decided I’d run on feel. No watch, just phone announcements each mile.

If I am being honest I didn’t expect anything special but was in 7th place after the first lap, which was surprise. The mile announcement was under 5:50 and I decided to just try and run the next two miles feeling within myself, and by the end of the 2nd lap I was in 6th place and quickly moved up to 4th, only to relinquish that position as I was beaten in a dash to the line.

Strava recorded the time as 18:09 and my official parkrun text message came in at 18:12 which was a 4 second PB. Not something I expected at all!

I lay at the finish line on a skateboard ramp as Ian crossed the line in 9th place. He’d held back as he’d been out till the wee sma’ hours, on a fresh day he would threaten the win (which was in 17:13). Andy, who dropped at halfway with a niggle, said the smell of booze emanating from our pores was positively reeking.

Meanwhile, Barry destroyed an old PB by over 70 seconds, coming in on 20:43 with an astounding run. Especially as he’d walked halfway across London the previous day, we reckon he’d done 13-14 miles.

Skoosh paced Ryan for his first two laps then struck out on his on for the final circuit, but mega-kudos to Ryan for coming in just over 26 mins. Especially as he was wearing a pair of baffies (see pic above) and had already run down to the park.

So, another great parkrun. Not the best course but a friendly bunch and a decent turnout at 150 heads. The less said about my 2.4 mile return trip which lasted 6.8 miles in torrential rain the better. That washed the hangover out the system!


2 replies to “Race (run) Report: Fulham Palace parkrun, 7th June 2014

  1. I got empathetic sickie reflux just reading this and I haven’t had a drink since the weekend. I don’t know whether to say bravo or call you all out for being lunatics. Great running either way!

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