Here we FKT go again


Races have been in short-supply. And then this past weekend there was two I could have done. The Centurion Track 100 in Kent, which I decided to withdraw from earlier in the year due to uncertainty on travel, lockdown and logistics. And then there was Pyllon Exposure, a devilish virtual race from the creative mind of Paul Giblin. Both races created quit the buzz for many reason.

But, I wanted a personal endeavour. An adventure of my own doing and one that would stretch me. So, on Friday, I am off on to hunt the ever more common beast that is the FKT again, and all I need to do on this route is keep the water on my right, right?

At 4am on Friday 30th April I will be leaving from Kincardine and heading the 116 miles around the Fife Coastal Path, aiming to break the record set by the incredible Nicola Duncan in September last year.

To bring the ‘we’ in the headline for this article to life, I will have the indefatigable duo of Alan MacCuish (Skoosh) and Andy Stewart (Faither) will be crewing for me. These two are as reliable as a Line of Duty cliffhanger, as a Liam Gallagher vocal being out of tune or as Sergei Bubka breaking the world record in the pole vault every time there was a big bonus available. Proper heroes these two.

So, I am in taper mode (pray for Louise) and getting my kit ready, my Vaseline packed and the Coke flattened ahead of a fun filled Friday foray in Fife.

Why do an FKT?

With the lack of races these adventures are a great way to keep a purpose alive in the training whilst at the same time sharpening up the race mindset for when we get back to racing proper later this year. After my John Muir FKT last year I just fancied another personal project.

Why the Fife Coastal Path?

You’d be hard pushed to find some more iconic coastal towns than Culross, Aberdour, St Andrews, Anstruther and Crail. Plus so many more. It is a beautiful part of the world. Nicola Duncan has set a target, a stout one at that, and I know a few people on the route who I hope may bring some cheer on the way round.

Add in that it is a logistically simple route, well marked and has a chippy in the town we finish in. All of this adds up to a perfect wee day out.

Can we follow it?

Aye. For integrity and to ensure no ambiguity on time if I am lucky enough to finish and beat the record I have a tracker than can be followed in live. It is at:

Can we join on the course?

I am always delighted to see friends and runners (sometimes they are both) out on the course. It was a particular highlight of the John Muir Way run last year. The tracker will tell you where I am. Two things though, 1) I won’t stop to talk and 2) If you are running with me it will be at my pace, so expect it to be slow later on!


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