Book Review: One Track Mind by Michael Stocks

Full disclosure. I know Michael. I served on a GB team with him. So, I am sure that bias plays into this book review. 

What doesn’t play into that bias is the fact that I read this in just three sittings. The way he chronicles the day with a countdown over the 24 hours interspersed with flashbacks and life lessons makes this book like Tapas for the eyes. 

It is delicious. 

The thing is, I know now Michael so much better now. And I understand him and like him even more. His story has some parallels with mine. He tells it wonderfully well, fusing the race with the steps and journey to the point where he toes the line on the track at Tooting Bec for the 24 hour race he’s spent years obsessing and building towards. 

You will learn a multitude of lessons if you read this. You will get a flavour for why ultrarunning is so brilliant, thanks to the people we meet and the places we go. And you will find yourself thinking, “a track 24 sounds like hellish fun, I may do one of them one day…”

But, the real hero of this book is Jane. She is Michael’s rock, partner, wife and dare I say saviour. Her charm, humour and support shines throughout like the brightest of lights in the sky. Michael is lucky he’s achieved what he has, and I’d argue Jane is the biggest of all his successes. Jeez, now I write this review I realise One Track Mind is part race report, part biography and part love story.


2 replies to “Book Review: One Track Mind by Michael Stocks

  1. Thanks for the reminder James, just ordered, it may help me get another lap around Crawley later in the year.

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