James Stewart, about me


I’ve found it hard to describe myself here. It’s maybe due to the facets I’d like to get across. But without boring the reader. That’s you. If you are still reading this. Most people who know me via social media know me as a runner. Let’s start there.

I am an ultrarunner. That’s covering distances beyond the marathon. I discovered the sport by accident in 2012 whilst recovering from a bout of middle-aged obesity. Then I found out I was ok at it. A few years later and wins at the West Highland Way race (2016), Rocky Raccoon 100 (2017) and representing Scotland (2016) and Great Britain (2017, 2018) I have since found a competitive edge that has clashed beautifully with my love of running.

And that’s important. I am a runner because I enjoy it. Do I enjoy it so because I manage to run close to the front of races? Perhaps so. It’s certainly motivated me to work harder, train smarter and live better.

Indeed, I also work better. I have a large leadership and varied role with Sky. In that role I am lucky to work with incredible people and get to shape careers. I made – part driven by my running – a pledge to become a leader who wants to help people become better versions of themselves. To make lives better in the long-term. Since that mild epiphany I have found myself much more settled in what I do and who I am. I have created many vehicles to make this happen. When it comes to work the thing that will raise a smile in me is not hitting a number, or a deadline, no, it’s seeing someone grow in stature, confidence and capability. This has resulted in me being offered the opportunity to take on a secondment with the amazing charity Business in the Community for which I am super grateful to Sky for allowing to happen. I cannot wait to see what the possibilities are here for me and the community I will get to serve. For that is what it is.

Back to running, I am firmly entrenched in the Pyllon Ultra ethos with coach Paul Giblin. I identify with the wider culture of the team strongly. I am honoured to be part of it. I am equally honoured to be race director for the Antonine Trail Races. Events that are loved by our community and run by the most amazing and dedicated team.

But above all else, I am a father and husband. Louise, Euan and Caelan are my world. I hope I make them as proud of me as I am of them. They are my everyday inspiration.


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