Race report: February 3k on the Green

It was only at the start of the week I realised there was a 3k race in Glasgow today (Fri, 22nd Feb). I was aware of the race being something that happened but I had never taken part, despite – somewhat ironically – running through Glasgow Green almost every day I work in the city.

So, myself and Darren Russell got up from our desks and headed over to Glasgow Green for the 12:30 start. I had no idea how to approach such a short race, so just decided to run kinda quick.

The race starts at the arch on the west of Glasgow Green and follows the Clyde hugging road east before turning and coming back from whence you came, with the finish at the white boathouse near the west side entry. A map of the course is here.

The idea is simple. Turn up and pay £2 and you are in. All funds go to a nominated charity and that is extremely laudable. Only a few volunteers, a minimum of equipment and fuss are needed to make this event work and the whole thing is slick. The registration is pre-done by email and once in you are registered you are so forevermore. You are assigned a race number and that is it. Race!

The course is flat and completely tarmac. The turn at about 1.5km takes some momentum out of you but you have go back at some point I suppose.

For my part, the race went well. I was hoping for somewhere under 11 mins and completed the race in 10:33. This was good enough for 5th place. That said, I was 24s behind 4th! At the halfway point I was about 8th or 9th but managed to take a couple of places and the pounding feet of Mark Ashby and Alastair MacLachlan who finished just behind me just about kept me going.

The winner, Kevin Bryden, took the victory in an incredible time of 9:13. This was only 6 seconds outside the course record and he was the only runner to break 10 minutes. Excellent running.

I was pleased with my effort. My average pace was 5:40 mins per mile. When I consider in January I set a new 1 mile PB of 5:42 this indicates excellent progress. I will try and run this race as much as I can while still working in Glasgow. An brilliant way to end the week.

If you want to find out more about this nice wee race go to: http://www.3konthegreen.com



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