Book review: Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

eatandrunScott Jurek is possibly one of the most of iconic and famous ultra marathoners in history. Winner of countless races, including the Western States on more than a handful of occasions, Jurek’s story is one of stubbornness, belief and no little single-mindedness.

What makes Jurek stand out from many in his field was his transmogrification into a vegan and how he feels this improved him as a runner and a person. You see, the stated norm is that ultra runners should be eating carbs and meat, and lots of it. Not according to Jurek.

In this brilliant bio-come-cook book, Jurek talks about how he discovered his passion for endurance events. He could run fast, well under 2:45 marathon but he couldn’t compete at an elite level, but the longer the distance the more competitive he became.

His journey in to veganism is explored also; his experiments are discussed and each chapter ends with a recipe for some sort of vegan meal.

Most tellingly for me in the book are the relationships he held. He was besotted on his mother. He argued with his father. He fell out with his friends and he got divorced. This is not to say that he was a difficult character as he would argue that these tough relationships made him the runner he became.

This books chronicles Jurek’s rise to running stardom, his famous appearance in Born to Run and his slide to veganism. But it is much more than this. It is inspirational. It is full of educational hints and tips on diet and training. It is quite simply a great book. A must have for any runner.




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