July DVD reviews

A wee bit late as usual, but here are my DVD reviews at VideoVista for July. Boris Karloff’sĀ Isle of the Dead Aussie thriller Red Hill Now, you should really go to http://www.videovista.net and read the rest of this month’s content including reviews of Fortress, Young Bruce Lee and a retro review of The Giant Leeches.

June DVD reviews

Two DVD reviews up on http://www.videovista.net this month – a couple of hummingdingers as well. The Diplomat, starring Dougray Scott. Espionage, intrigue and shite plotting. Blades of Blood, a Japanese/Korean samurai flick with some of the most incredulous acting and scripting ever seen. Still, there are some crackers over there so check VideoVista out.

May DVD reviews

A bit late this month in get these loaded, but a couple of DVD reviews over at VideoVista from yours truly. Fink: Aussie gangster flick which actually had a lot of merit to it – despite some of the worst acting you could hope to see. The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulu: Fans of…

April DVD Reviews

A bit later than normal at putting the links up to the VideoVista reviews for this month. Two pretty poor films: Massacre At My Lai Four: a case of what could have been Altitude: erm, a case of what should have been There are a host of other insightful reviews available at http://www.videovista.net, including Paranormal…

March DVD Reviews

A whopping three efforts for you to enjoy this month at VideoVista. Sinbad and the Minotaur: A truly awful take on great mythological figures Aggravated Assault: An edgy Aussie thriller about racial tension The Boy With Green Hair: An 1940’s film about the impact of war and individuality As always, there are more great reviews…

February DVD Reviews

Hello boys and girls, 3 DVD reviews by yours truly this month: Kevin Bridges Live in Glasgow: Comedy’s hottest talent plays his home town, profanity ahoy! Stewart Francis Tour de Francis: quick witted Canadian has your sides splitting. SEAL Team VI: Awful. Crap. Murder. Garbage. Check these out and other reviews at http://www.videovista.net