Who Am I?


Sept 2015: I suppose it is time to update this ‘who am I?’ spiel. When I penned it originally in 2009 it was all about writing. I was doing a postgrad in creative writing and I wanted a vehicle for some of that work.

Since then, things have changed. We added a second boy to the family, and now Louise and I are blessed to have Euan & Caelan with us. Moreover, I hardly ever write anymore, and even if I do it is more factual, reporting, and hobby based.

What I do now, more than anything else hobby wise, is run. I picked up my running shoes again in late 2011 and decided to give things a go from there. I have started to get mildly competitive at the longer distances, winning the Clyde Stride and Glenmore 24 ultras in 2015, and with new course records into the bargain.

I hit 40 in 2016 and this is actually peak years for an ultra runner, and whilst I don’t have years and years of ultra running behind me (started in 2012) I think this is to my advantage as I am less broken than most. For the time being anyway.

What you are likely to see most on this blog are run reports, musing about running, maybe some gear reviews and a whole host of book reviews with a particular bias to my literary hero, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

In the words of Dr. Watson, the game is afoot – but so is a ruler (usually).

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