Disappointment is the most powerful of motivators

Running with superstars like this one made the experience incredible (Pic: @UltraRunDMC)

It’s nearly a week since the IAU 24 Hour World Championships. I am over it, honest. I really am. Wednesday morning striding (with a Billy Connolly narrated NCP car parking attendant limp) the two miles to work was the first time I’d be truly alone with my thoughts and the enormity of what I had missed out hit me like a frying pan on the face.

I’d missed out on those painful, achievement filled last couple of hours. I missed out on running ’round with the other living zombies, eeking out those last wee miles. The feeling excitation as the hooter hooted once, then twice. What could have been dominated my thoughts.

The knot at the bottom of my stomach was so tight at this point on Wednesday I thought I might have to stop. But as quick as that flitted through my mind I went into the future mode I operate best in. What will be, not what was.

I’ve already made a list. I’ve checked it twice. It contains the things I will be working on from now to ready myself for the next opportunity that comes along. There’s some core work to do, some tweaks to training and sleeping, a reboot of my mindfulness and some significant changes to my nutrition strategy.

I am excited about what these will do.

You cannot account for bad luck but you can close the window in which it can appear and I will be working assiduously on that between now and next championships. I am lucky in that my qualifying distance gives me a chance of being selected. Only a chance. Not certain by any stretch. I need to earn a place.

I love a mantra and one that will be underpinning my training for the next wee while?

Disappointment is the most powerful of motivators



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