366/366: My #1 2016 photo

So that is it done. My picture a day challenge for my 40th year is over. I managed to post a picture every day which I can look back on when I am old(er) and senile to remember this landmark year by. This one of @loustewart and the boys is my single most favourite of the year. It is from July in New York, taken on the High Line. 
The end…


2 thoughts on “366/366: My #1 2016 photo

  1. Sorry to see that your daily post will finish James as I loved reading about your amazing endeavours and felt, as I viewed and read them , that I was preparing with you on your fitness plan towards a performance goal – all be it from a couch drinking merlot ! I ‘m not on twitter or Facebook but loved following your progress on your daily feed. You’re a talented guy with huge determination so you can achieve what you want to – and you deserve to with your single mindedness and sacrifice – all the best for 2017 . Love hearing of village people achieving things in the national and international forum. Apologies about the “VILLAGE PEOPLE”. Da da da da ( not Andy)


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