301/366: The place to myself

Today’s AM run was enveloped in darkness, drizzle and a drifting wind. Hill reps on Croy Hill, in the dark with nothing but the sound of my own laboured breathing and headtorch for company. Sure, there are green eyes glistening back at me from wary animals and the distant sound of branches breaking from startled deer but I am in these moments alone with my thoughts, alive with energy. The resonance of history on this trail only serves to inspire even more. 


12 thoughts on “301/366: The place to myself

  1. Sounds more like the “Antonine Wail” James. The more I read of your endeavours , I’m convinced if you ever give up your day job that you’d be an ideal recruit to oversee operations in Guantanamo Bay. You make Isis look “Quakers” on Valium. p.s. Coincidentally I was also using a head torch at 5am this morning – reading my book in bed – didnae want to waken Janice!
    Great to see how well your “regimes” (sorry) going
    Robert ODonnell

  2. Just had a wee thought James. You know the old, but true saying that you don’t have to be daft to be a goalie but it helps? Kinda the same for Elite Ultra Runners – Ye don’t have to be Sado- masochistic but it helps!

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