241/366: Squatting

At work today in Glasgow but took 10 mins out to do my 10 minute squat test today. Holding this position after a tough week and hard long wrong yesterday evoked some suffering. The lactic in my legs made it tougher than normal, but I always think back to my first attempt and how much that hurt and how I only lasted 90 seconds before collapsing and take solace from that. 10 painful mins done today. This is handy training as well when you are caught short on the trails. I am expecting some jobby jokes on this pic today…


9 thoughts on “241/366: Squatting

  1. Managed 75 secs – pathetic will try it every day and try to get to three minutes otherwise my boiled eggs will be forever runny (sorry )

  2. Up to 100 seconds James (sounds better than 1min 40 )! Going for 4 mins before 2017 . Friggin’ torture ! Ten minutes ? Guantanamo Bay would be a doddle in comparison. You don’t have to be a masochist to do endurance sports but it helps.

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