214/366: If only all meetings had views like this

Is this Habsburg Europe? Constantinople? Gothenburg? Tallinn? Nope, none of them. This is Glasgow. My home city. I love it. I was in a new location today and had a meeting I needed some privacy for. What better place to do this in the Glasgow necropolis surrounded by hundreds of quiet and at peace folk? I couldn’t help think how much Nobody Owens would have enjoyed this place as well.

The green-roofed building in the forefront is Glasgow Cathedral, which stretches back to 1136 whilst the imposing Victorian Glasgow Royal Infirmary sits to its right hand side. Beautiful buildings.

The picture below caught my eye too. A tribute to William Wallace and how he launched an attack from Glasgow cathedral. Smashing!


4 thoughts on “214/366: If only all meetings had views like this

  1. That epitaph would make a brilliant slogan for your ultras:
    “I am Scotland’s
    Though My Body
    Has Been Broken
    My Spirit Will
    Rise Again
    To The Sound
    Of Freedom”

  2. You must have been standing on John Knox’s shoulders to get this shot James! In July did the cathedral ,St Mungo museum, Provand’s Lordship (oldest house in Glasgow) and the Necropolis all in 2 hours and all free. And all within walking distance of each other ( no that you would know anything about walkin’ !). Robert O’ D

    • Brilliant Robert! I love it up there. A tremendous and oft unexplored part of town (probably due to lack of pubs!) and as you say, free! More education in that square mile than most other parts of Glasgow.

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