160/366: It’s ok, I don’t bite!

Nice and easy run in muggy London this morning. A few of my running friends will recognise the signs on this post as I did my run along the canal in London and spotted many signs for the Grand Union Canal.

After yesterday’s lack of wave returns from other users I took a different tact this morning where I made early eye contact and loudly called morning as I passed folks. I went from 10% return rate yesterday to 30% this morning.

My learning was that I need to instigate contact if I want a hello. Not a single one of the 30 folks I passed said hello to me first. But maybe I’ve helped make London 0.00000001% happier and friendlier this morning. Maybe


2 thoughts on “160/366: It’s ok, I don’t bite!

  1. I always do some sort of wave. Funny thing is after sometimes months of this a person will greet back and even start talking! Most people are not unfriendly but just in a rut and not used to others greeting.

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