2/366: Tarmac ain’t all that bad


This is the 4th hill on the Kirkintilloch 12.5k route. It is one of my favourite races of the year and takes place mid-Feb. It has 12 hills, none are massive but they pick away at you like a boxer jabbing an opponent. Weakening the resolve till the knockout blow of the last big climb.

I enjoy this race so as it gives a good indicator of how the winter training has shaped up without taking too much out of you. I’ll never be competitive at it (10th in 2015 is my best performance) as it is too short for me, but for less than Β£10 the Kirkintilloch Olympians put on a fine old race.

As a runner, I enjoy trails and Tarmac. You get “trail snobs” who see running on roads as some sort of hellish punishment. For me the roads allow good tempo sessions and a chance to get good winter miles in. 


2 thoughts on “2/366: Tarmac ain’t all that bad

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