Gear Review: Skins A400 Half Tights

Skins A400I have big thighs. What this means is that I have to wear compression shorts on anything over 10-12 miles running. I usually wear the Decathlon brand Kalenji which are brilliant, cheap and do exactly what I need. I mean, I wore them in 100 mile+ efforts with absolutely no issues.

Recently however I won a pair Skins A400 half tights from and was interested to see what an upper end of the market piece of kit would feel like.

As soon as I pulled these on I could feel the quality in the material. The comfort level was a noticeable step or two up from my usual brand, and others I have worn. The lack of a seam in and around the crotch area also made it feel more like a wrap than a short. When running with them, it felt I was gliding and there was absolutely zero restriction in terms of movement. In fact, they arguably aid movement.

At first they feel tight but very quickly that evaporates and the fit/feel is very natural and of course, Skins claim these will aid muscles and bloodflow etc. I am not in a position to say yay or nay to this, but certainly the fit and feel is amazing. I do feel that the tightness and wrap around the thigh and IT band will certainly be useful the longer you go and I will wear these on longer training runs and races to get a view.

The 400 in the name comes from the science behind the design where 400 points of fit have been built into the build. Mental, eh? A half pair of tights with 400 fitting points! But they are the comfiest pair of shorts I’ve ever worn.

For me the shorts were great value as they were free. A search online suggests an average of about £30 per pair. I’d say that this is good value. These are a couple of years old now and may come down further as newer gear lands on the market. Keep an eye out for that. But if you are going to buy a pair please try your local running store first. It’s nice to keep them on the high street and in business.


2 thoughts on “Gear Review: Skins A400 Half Tights

  1. Thanks for this James. Starting to think more about the stuff I wear. Although to see any improvement in performance you have to be in peak condition, the more expensive equipment, if you pick wisely does offer more comfort, support and last ability. Grandmothers are usually right, you get what you pay for!

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