Sherlock Holmes QotD: 6th January, 2015

ReichenbachByPagetYou know my powers, my dear Watson, and yet at the end of three months I was forced to confess that I had at last met an antagonist who was my intellectual equal” From The Final Problem

This is Holmes talking about Professor James Moriarty, a man popularly regarded as The Great Detective’s archenemy, despite appearing, or being referenced, in only a handful stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Final Problem – published in 1893 – was created specifically to kill Holmes off and Moriarty was the vehicle to make that happen. Prior to this story he had never appeared nor was referenced in a Sherlock Holmes story. Stage and TV adaptations featuring Moriarty increased the super-criminal’s intrigue to the point where he is almost as famous as the detective himself.


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