Running in Alcudia

I was on holiday for a couple of weeks in the beautiful island of Mallorca. For two weeks it was sun, pool and San Miguel as Lou, the boys and I took a break.

Of course, I did the odd run.

Over 14 days I managed to sneak in 11 runs, racking up 106 miles. Here is the tee I wore on EVERY SINGLE RUN!
Alcudia is quiet wee place in the north of the island. Most of my runs were very flat, except when I went up the tallest peak in the surrounding area, a 750 feet climb to San Marti’s top , where I would be rewarded with this vista at 0700 one morning. I saw mountain goats on the way up.

My first week was an easy one after a 41 mile training run the day before flying out, but in the second week I managed to run in double figures 6 days in a row, which was extremely pleasing.

The heat and the humidity where much higher than a pasty Scot like me is used to, being in the high 20s even at 7am. And when I returned home, my first run felt so much easier as a result!

All in all, I love holiday running and here is my heatmap from Strava to show the ground I covered when I was away.

Thanks to my ever tolerant wife and kids for indulging me 🙂


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