March review & Strava challenges

I’ve taken to writing up my Strava challenges performances on this blog as a record of how I did out of interest as much as anything else. March was the real start of the season for me after the Kirkintilloch 10k in Feb.

The D33 was the first ultra of the year and coming in under 4 hours was a massive boost and, indeed, an equally big surprise. Another highlight for March for me was getting to run on the West Highland Way for the first time, with a Milngavie to Drymen return run the order of the day.

I also got young Euan, my 6 year old, out running a few times, completing his first few mile run in about 14 mins. Not exactly Mo Farah but a great wee start and brilliant company.

In all I managed 245 miles in March, an average of just under 8 miles per day. This was 10 miles up on February but about 0.4 miles down on the February daily average given the difference in the month lengths.

Again, Strava held three challenges in March:

1. Total kilometres run
2. Strava half marathon
3. Strava 10k

Total kilometres run
This month I finished 416th out of 25,476 participants, which was top 1.6% and down 0.5% on February’s position. But with an ultra in the middle of the month and the associated taper and recovery from that I have to be pleased with the consistency of my mileage.


Strava Half Marathon
Alongside the ultra, I would do little in the way of speed in March. The challenge works in that any distance above 1/2 marathon pace is judged on the overall average pace. So, for me, the quickest I ran on any distance >13.1 miles was in the D33 ultra marathon when I averaged 7:15 pace for 33 miles. This placed me in 1,553rd place, or 15.1%. This was 9 seconds slower than in February, where I’d managed to sneak into the top 10%. Just shows the difference a few seconds can make.


Strava 10k
The image at the top of the page covers this off. In February I had the Kirkintilloch 12.5k which meant a swifter pace than I would usually do in training, which gave me an average pace of 3:57 per km, good enough for top 3%. No races and the aforementioned ultra in March meant no chance of doing that kind of effort for the craic. In the end, I averaged 4:14 per km pace, which is about 42:20 for 10k. In the end, I finished in 1,671st place out of 21,058 partakers. This was a drop but still in the top 10% (7.9%) which is quite pleasing.

All in all, been a really good month. I am set up well for the Glasgow to Edinburgh ultra marathon Saturday. Then an easy week before gearing up to the Edinburgh marathon.

Onwards and upwards!


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