February’s running done

The year is flying by. Well, it’s not really. Seconds remain seconds, minutes remain minutes and so on. It just feels that way. A busy job, two kids and a running habit means that time is precious. So, it is really just perception. I know that, but it won’t stop me being astonished when March is done.

Now onto February’s running.

I have a strange year ahead when it comes to running. I have just two real goals; 1) to get a good for age time at Edinburgh in the marathon so as to qualify for London without the ballot rigamarole and 2) to do myself justice at the Glenmore 24 hour race in September. Although I don’t know what justice is yet in terms of targets.

February in numbers:

– Days on which I ran: 25/28
– Longest run: 21.4 miles
– Pace: 7:41 minutes per mile. 4:46 minutes per kilometre
– Time on feet: 30 hours & 6 minutes
– Distance run: 235.4 miles/378.8 kilometres
– Average per day: 8.4 miles, 13.5 kilometres

This was my biggest February ever and my 4th consecutive month in a row of >200 miles, and 29th of >100 miles.

The focus for me on the last few months has been building up the distance. I have the D33 on 15th March and the Glasgow to Edinburgh in April, before the Edinburgh marathon in late May. But I have also been mixing up some pace work in there too.

February started with 20 milers back to back on the 1st and 2nd of the month. This was after a 290 mile January, so meant I had been averaging 10 miles per day since the start of the year. I felt jaded at times with this and instead trotting out 70+ mile weeks I focused on getting some short and fast runs in and also had the brilliant Kirkintilloch 12.5k race to do.

Whilst I hadn’t been training specifically for the 12.5k I was really pleased with how things went in that race, finishing 16th in under 50 mins. Showed that the focus on miles didn’t have too big an effect on my pace.

This brilliant info graphic from Strava shows how my runs were split through the month.

In January I sneaked a couple of marathon plus runs in but haven’t in February. It will be interesting to see how this plays through into my D33 performance. I have tried to do more back-to-back efforts. However, with D33 or G2E not being ‘A’ races I am quite happy to feel my way into these. Although I do have aims for both, of course!

All in all, February has been a good month. That said, there were two highlights for me. One was being asked if I was a woman when out dressed as per the picture below by a couple of wee cheeky Kilsyth scamps. The other was running with Euan (see pic at the top of this page) for the first time. He did a mile in just over 14 mins, which was tremendous. Mile two will be tomorrow.

Here’s to health and running people.



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