My goals for 2013

EdinburghAgain – much like my post looking how I performed in 2012 – this entry is really about putting the current thinking on my aims for the coming year into the public domain, and giving me something to look back on to see, a) how I have performed against my current thinking and b) to see how my plans changed throughout the year.

You see, my type of personality is quite fluid. I like to change things halfway through. I go for a run, I make the route up and the rigidity of a bespoke training plan would bore the arse off me. So, without a doubt, my aims and plans will change as the year moves on.

The obvious place to start with running goals is breaking PBs. The table below shows my current PBs for a number of distances and how I expect to improve them in 2013. The key thing is that I WILL improve each PB. That is a given. This is not arrogance, it is merely the fact that my times are all well within my reach as I step up the training.

Distance PB Pessimistic Realistic Optimistic
1 mile 5:42 5:30 5:15 4:59
5k 19:26 18:59 18:30 17:59
10k 38:28 38:20 37:30 36:59
12.5k 53:44 52:59 51:59 50:59
Half marathon 1:26:10 1:24:59 1:22:59 1:20:59
Marathon 3:26:48 3:18:59 3:14:59 3:09:59
33 miles 4:43:48 4:40:00 4:29:59 4:14:59

But clearly times are only one part of it. There is more to it than just how fast you go. I will need to focus on a few other things. Other aims I have centre around running specific distances for the year, and longest runs, cycling, and other elements of training. I have put these below.

Goal Current/Record Aim
Distance run in 2013 1,779 miles 2,013 miles
Weight 11st 12lb 10st 7lb
Waist inches 32″ 30″
Longest race 33 miles 40 miles
Cycle Distance in 2013 434 miles 1,000 miles
Race finish position Top 10% A top 8%
Swimming Fuck that

In order to get on the case with these targets I will have to do a series of races. Below is my current calendar. The issue is that I am leaving myself short on the 10k, 5k and half marathon races and beating a 1/2 marathon time in October with the heavy training and running schedule I will have been on by then will be difficult.

Race calendar
February Kirkintilloch 12.5k
March D33 Ultra
April Lochaber Marathon
May Edinburgh Marathon
June Kirkintilloch 10k
July Clydestride 40 Ultra
August Broadwood 5k
September Cumbernauld 10k
October Loch Ness Marathon
October Kirkintilloch Half Marathon
October Antonine Trail Race
November Glen Ogle 33

So, in order to achieve my aims in 2013 I have a helluva lot to do. I am already looking at my race schedule as I think the 1/2 marathon attempt is at a dodgy time with the amount on in October and I a may looking to do the Glasgow Half Marathon in September or find something around end of April to race in (Dunfermline springs to mind). But, as Eddie Vedder said, ‘Its evolution, baby!’ and this plan will change.

All the best, James


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