My 2012 running year

JS K12.5kTo be honest, this post is for my benefit only. It is an opportunity for me to look back on the past year and the key bits of info which make up the highlights of the year and when 2013 ends, it will serve as an electronic journal for me to compare just how the years look together.

If you are reading this very self-serving blog entry then you are most welcome, if it bores you, I am sorry.

2012 was a year of records and first times. I ran 1,779 miles in 236 hours. That was 54 hours more than my second best effort in 2008 and 450 more as well. And it was the first year in my running life where I did 100 miles+ every single month.

This increased mileage and training dedication was reflected in my PBs which tumbled across every raced distance.

  • 5k – first time I have raced this distance and I beat my 20 minute record by 34s, coming in at 19:26, a time I have beaten in 10ks since.
  • 10k – took 4m 10s off my 2008 PB, going from 42:28 to 38:28 this year.
  • 12.5k – a unique race and distance and 61:58 became 53:44 in February
  • Half marathon – A whopping 10 minute reduction as I went from 1:36:43 down to 1:26:10
  • Marathon – Went from 3:43:57 down to 3:26:48 in Edinburgh this year, but have scarily reduced to 3:19 in training

In addition, I raced in Toronto (20k) and competed in two ultras. I also did my first trail running, finishing top ten in a race which started quite literally on my doorstep.

So, my year in numbers:

  • 1,779: Distance run
  • 7:59: Average minutes per mile in 2012
  • 10: Races done in 2012
  • 253: Runs done in 2012
  • 14: The number of times I ran beyond 20 miles
  • 36: The number of times I ran a half marathon or further
  • 4.8: The average distance ran each day

As well as beating all my PBs I also had my biggest ever running failure in 2012, failing to finish the Clydestride Ultra in July. A painful, hard lesson which has proven the mantra ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…’

Race reports for each race I did in 2012 are available on the race reports tab, if you are interested. 2013 is just starting, and so am I. I hope.

All the best, James


5 thoughts on “My 2012 running year

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  2. Hi James, you narrowly beat me (by about 2 hours) at last year’s Clyde Stride and I’ve enjoyed following your progress since. Your 2012 times are similar to my 2015 so this post makes a great reference for me to see what’s possible with a little dedication and some early mornings 🙂 Congrats on your successes and thanks for writing about them very well (tortured Star Wars analogies aside).

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