Book Review: The Shadow Project, by Scott Mariani

Another eBook read. I’ve deen doing a lot of travelling recently and find that reading an eBook on the iPhone when at airports, waiting on trains or popping to the loo is a great way to kill some time.

The latest conquest is Scott Mariani’s The Shadow Project, an international thriller spanning half of Europe and with so much action that it is enjoyably hard to put down. The beauty of the eBook is that a page is no more than two or three average length paragraphs and so it appears easy to read another page, then another, then… ach, you get the point.

In The Shadow Project Ben Hope, ex-SAS, is hunting down kidnappers, neo-Nazis and shadowy megalomaniacs with deadly agendas. The ultimate prize is the Kammler project, a secret Nazi machine that could save or destroy humanity, depending on whose hands it ends up in.

Mariani is Scots author, to my surprise given the name, and this is the first book I have read of his. So far as thrilling action delivered at a breathless pace goes this is an absolute winner. And whilst it is unlikely that Mariani will be preparing a speech for the Man Booker prize for The Shadow Project he can be absolutely delighted in creating a thrill-a-minute book with engaging characters and a plot with more twists and turns than Jimmy Johnstone in his prime. A perfect book for reading on the go.

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