Book Review: The Devil’s Graveyard by Anonymous

After The Book With No Name and The Eye of the Moon the reclusive (geddit!) Anonymous is back with his/her third release The Devil’s Graveyard. Familiar characters such as Sanchez – the slimy bartender – and the hip-popping hitman Elvis are joined by the Mystic Lady in a trip to the Hotel Pasadena, located in, you guessed it, The Devil’s Graveyard. A name which turns out to be quite literally apt.

Of course, a book by Anonymous wouldn’t be the same if the Bourbon Kid didn’t crop up and fans of the previous two books will not be disappointed to see the Kid reappear and he’s, as usual, a real heavy dude in a killing mood. As with its predecessors, The Devil’s Graveyard features the kind of killing that makes a Tarantino movie look U rated.

So, what happens?

A Stars In Their Eyes/X-Factor style contest is held at the Hotel Pasadena, the slick but disagreeable owner (based on Simon Cowell one would think) runs this with the premise being that the winner signs their soul over the to devil, unknowingly of course. Unlike the previous books the Bourbon Kid is shown to have a more human side, even so far as refusing to kill a Dorothy (Judy Garland) look-a-like. The whole book is laced with the kind of acerbic humour and killing we have come to associate with the series and follows on with the theme of the previous books by making zombies and the supernatural seem, well, normal.

These are not literary masterpieces, but they are enjoyable and make for a really decent diversion when looking for something not overly taxing but still fast-paced and readable. There are some gripes with some of the style (adverbs, adverbs, adverbs) and the editing but given the original book was a self-published phenomenon this is not too surprising. The Devil’s Graveyard is worth a read but you’ll need to have read the previous two books to get the full story. 7/10


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