A Dirty Job: by Christopher Moore

Weird, wacky and wonderful are how I would describe this amazing book by Christopher Moore. Given to me by my sister-in-law because it looked “a bit daft”, A Dirty Job tells the story of a man who witnesses Death taking his wife just after she has given birth, only it turns out that there are loads of Death Merchants, helpfully described by Moore as being like Elves to the big Death’s Santa.

Set in San Francisco, this book has some of the kind of hilarious and madcap scenes that are the staple diets of the outputs from the likes of Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Brookmyre. There are soul stealing harpies, animals dressed in tailored finery and a music shop owner called Minty Fresh: oh, and a toddler who can kill people just by saying ‘kitty’ and pointing to them.

This is an outstanding book full of brilliant characters, caustic wit and relentless action. It was my first Moore book, it won’t be the last! 9/10.


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