Things have been quiet…

Actually, they haven’t. Just I haven’t had time to update these pages for a wee while. If you go to, you’ll find I have still been busy with DVD reviews. Head over to Frontier Writers, and you’ll find we finally managed to push through to the completion of the Anthology, number 2 in the series. I can heartily recommend it and it is now available from Amazon or Lulu.

As well as this I have been a busy bee with uni work. My tutor is a hard taskmaster and is keeping me busy with weekly exercises which are as enjoyable as they are enlightening, already I feel a better writer for the experience. I completed module 1 a couple of weeks back and am onto module 2 now. Doing the course full-time is a little bit of a burden but will be worth in the long term.

Lastly, I have updated the writing links pages for your enjoyment. My loyal reader (thanks, Mum).


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